Thank you for your interest in renting one of our holiday homes. We would be delighted to welcome you in Riquewirh - ALSACE

We are renting self-catering apartments (wee are not a hotel ant not a bed and breakfast). Our properties are let on standard terms and condtions legally applicable in France and in the Europeen Union tu such matters and in particular the terms stipulated below with the tenant promise to comply. Confirmation of the booking means acceptance of the present conditions.


Booking requests are to me made eclusively through our website. Afert reception of the requests, booking files are processed by us. Then, if the requested apartment is available, the tenant receives an invitation to confirm his stay by paying a deposit. The booking is then firm as soon as the amount of the deposit has reached our bank account. As long as no deposit is received, the requested apartmentand dates remain open to further requests from otherb people.

All correspondance has  to be made via the messagingtool of the booking file exclusively - not by email or any other means - so that it remains archived in the file for future reference.

Our holiday homes are rented by the week (7 nights minimum) during the high season ( April-October and December). Our best rates are therefore available for stays of on week and more.

Arrival and Departure days are flexible but should note generate any gap of standing alone nights which would be impossible for us to rent. 

Shorter stays (3-6 nights) are subject to our acceptance. They are generally possible when planning opportunites exist and/ or when the requested dates come exactly before or after an existing booking and should not create any gap of 1 or 2 nights standing alone. ( see availability calendars)

The tenant must be at least 18 years old, must be authorised by all persons named on the booking confirmation to make the booking, including those added later, and must consent to our processing personal information about you and the other members of your party.
All correspondance is sent via the messaging tool of the online booking file to the party leader who is responsable to us for all payments on the booking, for ensuring that party members are kept informed of booking details, and for any cancellation charges.
On receipt of deposit, we will send you your booking confirmation, Accommodation is only for the use of persons named on the confirmation invoice. 
A contract between you and us will come into existence when you paid the deposit ( or full payment within 4 weeks of arrival) and we have mentioned our confirmation within your online booking file. Your agreement with us is subject to the exclusive laws and jurisdiction of Courts of France alone.

Arrival an depature time

The time of arrival shall normally be in the afternoon earliest at 4.00 pm, lates at 7.00 pm unless otherwise agreed. Precise time of arrival has to be mutually agreed at least the day before between the owner or his/her representative and the tenant.
The time of departure shall normally be the morning at 10.00 am leatest. 

Cancellation policy

Deposits paid to us for a reservation are not refundable.
Confirming a booking means a contract is established between the tenant and the owner.
The European Court of Justice held that Articles 2 (1) and 6 (1) of the Sixth Directive meant that a sum paid as a deposit was to be regarded, where the hotelier retained the amount as a result of the guest cancelling, as compensation for loss suffered as a result of the cancellation. It had no direct connection with the supply of any service for consideration. 
Our cancellation policy refers to the European Court of Justice decision in case N° 277/05 (18 July 2007).
See our FAQ page for details about this case.

1° In the event of cancellation by the tenant:
- one month or more prior to the first day of the tenancy, the tenant shall forfeit the whole of the amount of deposit paid (this means that deposits are not refundable).
 - less than one month prior to the first day of the tenancy, the tenant shall pay an additional penalty of the difference between the deposit paid and the total rent payable if such cancellation had not occurred.
We recommend the subscription of a travel / cancellation insurance.

2° In the event of cancellation by the landlord:
- Within seven days cancellation the landlorf schall pay the tenant a sum equivalent of the amount of the deposit.

In case of No Shosw

If the tenant fails to give notice of late arrival and has not arrived 2 days after the scheduled date of arrival, the landlord shall be fully entitled to attempt to re-let the accommodation.

During the days

The tenant is under the obligation to personally occupy the premises and to live in then " in a respectable manner" and to take due care of then. All fixtures and fittings are in good working order and no complaint regardin them made more than 24 hours after occupying the premises will be accepted. The tenant will be responsible for repairs made necessary by negligence, misuse or poor care during the tenancy. The tenant shall be under an obligation to ensure that no disturbance to neighbours arises through the actions or presence of the tenant or menbers of his or her family.

The property is let fully furnished with cooking equipment, crockery, glassware and pillows, ets. If appropriate, the owner or his orher representative shall be entitled to claim from the tenant on departure the cost of the full replacement cost of broken, cracked, chipped or damaged items, furniture and equipment and any such items showing abnormal wear and tear for the length of the tenancy, the cost of cleaning soiled blankets and covers, compensation for damage of any kind to curtains, wall-coverings, ceilings, tugs, mats, carpets, windows, bedding, etc,

Insurance and guarantee deposit

The tenant promises to take out a personal insurance against tenancy risks (damages to furniture, objects, etc) The absence of insurance cover in the event of an insurable incident shall give rise to payment of damages and interest.

A travel insurance will cover damages to the property if any. We strongly recommend the subscription of a travel/ cancellation insurance.
The tenant has the obligation to inform the landlorf, within 24 hours, of only insurable incident occurring in the accommodation, its outbuildings or ancillary facilities.

No money has to be paid as a guarantee deposit but the tenant signs a credit card print to cover damages if any. The validity of that credit card print expires 1 week after the departure of the tenant.

The tenant may not object to an inspection of the premises by the owner or his or her authorized representative when requested.